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Options in Portable Tradeshow Displays

By: Phineas Gray
Category : Advertising
May 20, 2013

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Tradeshows give you a chance to share your business with a narrow customer base. Your exposure is maximized so it’s important you make a positive impression. These people are going to remember you, and whatever opinion you give to them will last. That’s intimidating for a burgeoning company that doesn’t have tens of thousands of dollars for a magnificent display, but portable tradeshow displays may be more affordable than you think.

Can You Afford a Tradeshow Display?

If you want to be taken seriously by your target clientele, you have to present yourself as a professional. Even if you’re a relaxed, laid-back business, you can’t show up to a tradeshow with a card table and a folding lawn chair. While it may be held in a similar building, this isn’t a flea market and you won’t gain any points by skimping on your setup.

You shouldn’t break the bank to attend a tradeshow. Your business depends on your budget being fairly distributed to provide for the supplies you need to deliver quality products and services. Unfortunately, if you can’t afford a few hundred dollars for one of the extremely affordable portable tradeshow displays now on the market, you cannot afford to attend a tradeshow. Make it a goal for the following year and use the time to give your motivation a kick.

The displays can cost tens of thousands of dollars, but there’s a wide range of stylish, professional units that run around $1000. In fact, for just over $100, you can get a banner stand with a professional graphic that will lend your table and chair setup a note of credibility. For just a few hundred more, you can have a truly outstanding portable display that will last for years to come.

How Long Do Orders Take to Fulfill?

If you’re headed to a tradeshow in the near future and want to invest in a pop up or fabric panel display, you’ll need to set aside time for design and production. Check with whatever companies you are using for the different aspects of your display campaign to ensure everything will be completed on schedule. If you haven’t been able to secure a provider with more than enough time to get something done, find a backup that can deliver a generic unit through expedited means just in case you wind up needing a fast replacement.

Ordering portable tradeshow displays takes you beyond a basic startup and gives you the leg up many companies never have to really succeed. It really is worth it to establish yourself as a professional. When you’re willing to invest in yourself, other people will invest in you too.

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