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Options for Custom Chocolate CD Printing

By: Alex
Category : Chocolate
March 1, 2013

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Custom chocolate CD favors haven’t been used for long. There are a number of ways to customize them to make them a truly unique memento of your event or business. Different options come with different prices, however, and it’s essential to understand them to create the right product for your budget.

Custom CD Inserts

The most popular method for custom chocolate CD creation is to have blank or mass printed chocolate CD discs enclosed in a jewel case, along with a personalized wrapper. This method still presents a new type of chocolate favor people will find memorable, but it’s more affordable than printing on the chocolate itself. Depending on the chocolatier you buy your favors through, as well as your intended design, you could save up to $100 per unit.

In addition, your guests will be more likely to enjoy a chocolate CD and keep the wrapper if your message isn’t engraved into the chocolate. That in itself is the deciding factor for many people. They either want their CDs to snack on or to save for eternity. Either plan is appropriate, though certain audiences might appreciate one intention more than the other.

Custom Chocolate CD Design

Ordering a custom chocolate CD with print or engraving on the favor itself is more expensive, but it also leaves a longer-lasting impression. These CDs do not play music. They are just for appearances but are a wonderful addition to any music-related event or marketing campaign. These are the kinds of favors created to make a strong impression. When used as mementos, they’re often saved and treasured. As marketing tools, they create a powerful presentation piece.  

Because of cost and impact, it’s especially important to have a design you love. If you don’t have your own graphic designer, many chocolatiers have graphic artists on staff to help you with your project. Often, these services are included for free.

Quality Chocolate

Another essential element in the creation of custom chocolate CD favors is high-quality chocolate. Not only should it taste great, it should also preserve well. Most Belgian chocolates, for instance, can be kept in a cool, dark and dry place for eight months or more without worry. The worst thing you can do is save money by going with a company that uses substandard thin and flaky or dry and chalky chocolate. It is perfectly acceptable to ask for a product sample before ordering.

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