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Montessori Education: A Worthwhile Investment

By: Phineas Gray
Category : Reference and Education
March 20, 2013

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A Georgetown Montessori school is an excellent place to send your child to ensure that his or her learning experience is exemplary.  A study in 2006 in the September issue of the Science journal compared the learning outcomes of children from Montessori schools with the learning outcomes of children from traditional schools.  The study found that an education in a Montessori school results in students who are much better socialized and who possess much higher academic skills.

What exactly is a Montessori school?  Montessori schooling involves classrooms in which children of multiple ages work and learn and play together.  Students choose their own work and work collaboratively over long periods of time.  They are given a special set of nontraditional classroom materials and work closely with student mentors.  Montessori schools do not test their students nor do they grade them.  The focus is heavily on group education and collaboration in addition to individual instruction and instruction within a small group setting. 

There are over 5000 schools in the United States which use the Montessori method of learning and pedagogy and over 300 public schools also employ Montessori methods.  Without a doubt, the children who attended the Montessori schools in the study, which ran controls for parental influence and involvement and income, overwhelmingly performed better socially and academically than children who did not attend Montessori schools. 

Georgetown Montessori school students may enjoy better social and academic development and preparation than traditional students.  Montessori students in the 2006 study were more likely to engage in positive social interactions with their peers when at play and in the classroom setting.  They also tended to be more developed emotionally and mentally, exhibiting more adult behaviors such as reason and fairness.  Not only were Montessori students more socially prepared for school, they were also more cognitively and academically prepared for school, especially in creative writing and sentence structure tests.  This is particularly significant because Montessori students, not being accustomed to test-taking, should have performed lower than their peers who are accustomed to taking tests routinely. 

This study seems to have provided sufficient evidence that Georgetown Montessori school students may perform better academically and socially than students who are educated in traditional school settings with traditional practices.  However, more longitudinal studies are needed to enforce this.  In the meantime, however, enrolling your child in a Montessori school certainly has great implications for that child’s success throughout his academic career and possibly throughout life as well.

Sapientia is a Georgetown Montessori School in Cedar Park, Texas.  We nurture and develop children academically and socially ages 18 months through 13 years of age.  We have been the foremost provider of children’s education since 1987.  To schedule a tour or for more information about our 2013 Events and Workshops, please contact the Sapientia Montessori School administration at: (512) 260-2261 or You may also contact us through the Cedar Park Montessori School administration at: (512) 259-8495 or; Mon – Fri, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.