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Keep Your Home and Property Safe With Video Surveillance

By: Teresaal Dridge
Category : Home Security
October 3, 2018

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You cannot watch every part of your property all of the time, which is why you need quality equipment for video surveillance in Chicago IL. We offer video surveillance equipment for a variety of applications. Perhaps you want to keep tabs on your housekeeper or nanny. We have cameras that do not look like cameras. They will capture video and save them to the media of your choice. You can even check in through your smartphone or an app on your desktop or laptop computer.

Perhaps you need video surveillance of your garage or shed that has been broken into in the past. We offer video surveillance equipment that features infrared technology. It can capture images even in no light. These systems use heat that it converts into the visible light spectrum. You can mount these cameras in multiple locations or have us install them for you.

Perhaps you need cameras monitoring your doors and windows. We install those, too. We carry a range of camera options. If you have a front porch, we can install one on its ceiling. The cameras can rotate in a 360-degree radius, capturing everything within a wide distance. This means that anyone trying to snatch a package off of your porch, take your car from your driveway or take your mail would be recorded.

You can save the images and videos captured by our video surveillance equipment. Perhaps you want to monitor the coming and going of your teenage kids or see who approaches your door during the night. When you need video surveillance in Chicago IL, contact us at Alert Protective Services, LLC. You may also learn more about our video surveillance options online at