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How Invisalign Treatment for Malocclusions May Keep Your Gums Healthy

By: Teresaal Dridge
Category : Dental
January 15, 2020

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Malocclusion simply means that your bite and teeth are misaligned. Not all malocclusions are the same, and because of this, treatment options will differ. If you have overcrowding of your teeth or if your teeth are crooked, treatment with Invisalign in Brooklyn, NY, may correct your bite. Not only can wearing clear aligners correct malocclusions, but they may also help keep your gums healthy. Here are some ways Invisalign treatment can protect your gums from gingivitis and soft tissue injuries.

No Protruding Wires
When you wear traditional braces with brackets and wires for a malocclusion, one of the wires may poke you in your gums. This can lead to soft tissue injury and if not treated, may progress to an infection. Conversely, treating your misaligned teeth with Invisalign in Brooklyn, NY, is safer for your gum tissue because clear aligners do not contain any hard parts or metal. Poking wires not only raise the risk for a gum infection, but they can also cause injuries to the insides of your cheeks.

Easy Removal
Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign clear aligners can be easily removed anytime. This makes brushing and flossing your teeth easier. When there are no brackets and wires in the way, plaque is more easily removed, and because of this, your risk for gum disease and dental decay declines. Removing your aligners also allows your clean them properly to further reduce your risk for gum disease and infections.

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