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Home Security Alarm Companies Offer Wireless Systems

By: Phineas Gray
Category : Home Security
May 23, 2013

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Many home security alarm companies now offer wireless systems as they have numerous benefits over traditional hardwired systems. These systems rely on radio signals to keep devices connected – saving time and money on the initial installation. Modern wireless security systems offer many of the same features as traditional models, including door and window sensors, digital keypad with fire, police and medical emergency buttons and pet-friendly motion detectors. Learn what other wireless features home security alarm companies can offer you.

Less Damage to Your Home
Wireless home security systems are just that – wireless. This means that no wire-stripping, circuit testing or electrical leads are needed during installation. The technician will not have to drill throughout your home to run wires, often causing unnecessary damage. With a wireless home security system, the only wires are those for A/C power and occasionally telephone use.

Set Up in Convenient Locations
With traditional hardwired security systems, it wasn’t always possible to install sensors, motion detectors and other devices in areas in which you’d like them. Wireless systems can be installed anywhere in your home for the best placement to protect against burglary, fire and other issues. Choose the exact areas in which you’d like your devices installed for your convenience.

Bring It with You When You Move
Unlike hardwired security systems which cannot be moved, wireless systems can be brought with you when you move. Simply contact the home security company whom installed the devices for you and they can uninstall the system and relocate it to your new home for use.

Make Your Home Aesthetically Pleasing
Traditional hardwired security systems result in numerous wires, drill holes in the wall and a host of other unappealing damages to your home. When you go wireless, no damage will be done to your home as no wires are needed. This also makes installation much quicker.

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