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Great Deals as we Buy Ugly Homes, Fountain

By: Alex
Category : Real Estate
October 31, 2012

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Maybe your house has become so ugly and you cannot take it anymore. Maybe you are in dire need of cash for other pressing bills. Perhaps your interest has changed and you want to make cash out of the ugly house. Or, maybe you cannot stand the ugliness of the house you inherited or it plays second fiddle to the one you have. Do not worry! We buy ugly homes, Fountain. Ours is to relieve you the stress from the house by ensuring that we give it some value. We buy ugly homes at fair market rates and ensure that prompt transaction shall be undertaken.

That house that other buyers are offering gimmick prices since it is under foreclosure, we will give it attractive prices. We will be at your side if the bank is chasing you. By and large, we will not take advantage of your desperate situation to offer low prices. With our vast experience over the years as  we buy ugly homes, we know how to handle our customers with professionalism. Our stellar reputation is built out of the cornerstones of integrity, honesty, and expeditious service delivery. We have a customer care service that is also always staffed to answer your query.

You can reach us through telephone and request for a quotation as well as the answers to the queries you might have. There is also an online form that you can use to get answers for queries and the estimates for your house. All you will be required to do is to fill up the form with your personal details and a description of your house. Our staff  shall then respond within no time. The inspectors will be sent to the house and valuation will be provided to you. The inspectors are experienced professionals and friendly to the customers. 

You will be required to prepare properly for the sale. This means that all the transferring documentation should be within reach. These include title deeds, authorization from the bank in case the house is mortgaged and the amount they are still claiming. In case of an inherited property, before we buy ugly homes, Fountain evidence that the house now belongs to you is required. This will be necessary if the heir has not transferred the property to his or her name. 

The house that has a litigious issue should be accompanied with a court order showing that the house is ready for us to buy. Generally, all the documents must be authorized for transfer. At the D-day that we buy ugly homes, we shall allow you to come with a lawyer to oversee the transactions. They also review the terms that we stipulate as we buy ugly homes, Fountain.

It is due to lack of a better word that we have to refer to your house as ugly, otherwise, it is valuable to us. A better price will be yours! For more information on we buy ugly homes in Fountain visit our website.