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Getting To Know Los Angeles Superior Court Judges Through Analytics

By: Teresaal Dridge
Category : Business
December 6, 2018

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Big Data is a big buzzword in the marketing and production industries. It is used to determine trends, to forecast sales and even to identify and pinpoint specific aspects of sales that are both typical and atypical results. Big Data is used across most industries, and it is finally making its way into the legal field.
Big Data is the combination of thousands, hundreds of thousands and millions of individual pieces of data all being synthesized by complex analytics programs. These programs use artificial intelligence or AI to constantly learn and refine the information provided, creating programs and data representations that boil all this data down into simple numbers and probabilities.
Applications in the Courts

Now, imagine as a litigator that type of synthesis was available on Los Angeles Superior Court Judges.  That a program was possible that could accurately capture all the decisions made by the judge not just in one case, but in all cases. Then, that same program could provide information on if the judge would be favorable for the client or less likely to be favorable.
These programs exist and are becoming more advanced and sophisticated. From your computer, it is now possible to look at the Los Angeles Superior Court Judges and see how they have ruled in over 100 different options in motions, all by percentage granted for the motion type. In addition, information is also available for the filing volume for the judge, as well as the ruling tendencies of your judge as compared to other judges in California.

With this type of platform, litigators can also see how quickly the Los Angeles Superior Court Judges move cases through their court. This helps to prepare clients in addition to preparing motions and developing a strategy that is most likely to result in a positive outcome for your client.