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Finding The Right Heat And Air Systems For Your Home

By: Alex
Category : Heating And Air Conditioning
May 15, 2012

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There are many different options available to provide heating and cooling in your home or business, and learning about all the choices can help you find the right system for heat and air in Tacoma. It may also save you money if you can find the one that is the most energy efficient, and the best fit for your location and the type of home you have.

One of the biggest expenses for many homes is the cost of energy. Finding a good system for heat and air in Tacoma can be energy efficient, and help you cut down those monthly costs in your home. Some of the top factors in deciding what kind of system to purchase for the highest energy efficiency depend on your usage habits, and the climate where you live.

The most commonly used heating system in homes is a furnace that either runs on gas (this is the most popular option), oil, propane, or electricity. With a furnace, the heat is disseminated throughout the house through a duct system, and can be purchased with efficiency features like “condensing” and the proper blower motor. If you don’t have this type of system, it will require installation of the furnace and the ducts, which may require some construction work.

Boilers are another heating option that burn gas, propane, or oil to heat water and send warm air throughout the house through radiators or floor systems. High-tech versions are able to get more heat from fuel with efficient burn techniques, saving you money by requiring you to purchase less fuel.

If you need both heat and air in Tacoma, you may want to consider central air conditioning to cool your home during the warm summer months. These units can be combined with the furnace to use the furnace blower motor. Getting an upgraded furnace and central air conditioner at the same time is recommended so the blower motor and air conditioning run at the highest possible efficiency.

If you’re looking for fully integrated heat and air in Tacoma, consider heat pumps. You can choose either electric air-source or geothermal heat pumps. Geothermal units are among the most efficient models you can find, using naturally occurring heat from the earth to provide energy that heats or cools your home, and can also heat and cool your water with some systems.

No matter what type you decide to go with, make sure you do all your research on what options are available. Having that information can help you choose the best, most efficient, and most cost-effective model for heating and cooling your home or business.

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