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Finding Hotels Near Royal Albert Hall in London: What to Know

By: Alex
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February 26, 2013

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For the many people who visit London on an annual basis; there are numerous visitors who will make the decision to visit Royal Albert Hall. This popular attraction is in the Central London area of town and is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city. If you are looking to find hotels near Royal Albert Hall you will also be finding hotels that are near some of the other biggest attractions in Central London as well. When you are near Royal Albert Hall you will also be near the Olympia Exhibition, the Chelsea Football Grounds, Hammersmith Apollo, the British Museum of Natural History, the Science Museum and more. This means you will not only get to stay near Royal Albert Hall but near many other big name attractions to the area as well.


When it comes to finding hotels in this area; many will be surprised to find that the hotels, if you are able to find the right ones, can actually be quite affordable. Also, when staying in this area of the city you will be in one of the most central locations to all of the biggest attractions in London; not only the ones that are in close walking proximity such as Royal Albert Hall. By staying in Central London you can use the tube to get to virtually any area in London and just 30 minutes; a feature that is both convenient and affordable as well. There is no denying that when it comes to finding hotels near Royal Albert Hall and hotels in this area of the city; location is everything. However, this doesn’t mean that other amenities should be overlooked.


If your focus is on the convenient location of hotels near Royal Albert Hall it can be easy to overlook basic amenities that can make your London stay more enjoyable. Try to find hotels in the area that will offer complimentary breakfasts. Since the location is such a tourist hot spot; you can end up paying quite a bit for breakfast; and free meals every morning can end up leading to a great deal in savings for those who are able to get free breakfasts every day. Also, many times, with the right hotel you are able to get some great savings during the winter as this area is a tourist area and the winter is quite slow for tourism in London. Things like this, and being aware of the area you are in the city and of the tourists crowd can help save you money when you book your hotels near Royal Albert Hall.

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