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Effective Ways of Bed Bug Removal

By: Alex
Category : Home Improvement
April 6, 2012

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Are you embarrassed to invite your friends and guests simply because your house is infested with bed bugs? Don’t be ashamed, you’re not alone. Truly speaking, we are all scared to find bed bugs in our homes! These tiny blood-sucking parasites prefer our pillows and mattresses as their perfect hideout, biting and sucking blood from our body causing irritation, and inconvenience all night long! As a result, the following morning, we find bed bug bite marks all over our body. Not only the red swollen bite marks are ugly to look at, but can also cause skin rashes, especially to those with sensitive skin. If you have kids at home, the presence of bed bugs at home can really turn out to be a major health concern. Effective pest control treatment for bed bug removal is of highest priority in such cases.

There are ways to get over this situation effectively. Bed bug removal treatments are offered by pest control companies. There are ample ‘Do It Yourself’ guidelines for removing bed bugs, available over the internet as well. But it would be too risky a proposition for anyone to try fighting these minute pests without proper expertise and precautions. Professional pest killers on the other hand are well equipped with knowledge, technology, and experience to offer effective bed bug removal service.

There are different ways in which pest control guys can help destroy bed bug infestations and free your home from these tiny parasites. Before you schedule a service appointment with a reputed pest control service, here’s a quick overview on the types of bed bug removal services that professional pest killers employ to free your home from bed bugs.

1. Chemical methods: Using pesticides to kill bed bugs is the conventional way adopted by most pest control services. These can again be of two types - ‘liquid chemical method’, the most commonly used method, and ‘full-structure fumigation’ treatment. While chemical methods would cost you less, there are more precautions to be adopted before the commencement of the service. The fumigation method on the other hand would require you to vacate your place for more than 2 days. Besides all perishable items should be placed in sealed containers and bags, and indoor plants are to be removed from the house before the pest control servicemen start ‘full structure’ fumigation.

2. Non-Chemical method: This method is increasingly becoming popular and is turning out to be an excellent way to destroy bed begs. It involves machine-controlled heat application to the areas severely infested with bed bugs and even in some cases, to the entire house.

If you want to make your place free from bed bugs, check out whether the pest control service company you have selected is offering any of the above methods of bed bug removal San Diego, CA residents need not look elsewhere, there’s Antac Pest Control, voted the best termite and pest control company in the County.

While looking for effective methods of bed bug removal San Diego, CA residents can get in touch with Antac Pest Control. They have been voted as ‘the Best Termite and Pest Control Company in San Diego’. To schedule a pest control service appointment call 877-268-2262.

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Effective Ways of Bed Bug Removal

Effective Ways of Bed Bug Removal