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Characteristics Of Premium Top Soil

By: Alex
Category : Landscaping
June 18, 2013

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When working on an outdoor project, it is essential to find quality top soil in Monterey, CA.  Having good top soil will not only help your project to look better, but it may be easier for you to work with.  Finding the perfect soil may be a little daunting; however, there are a few characteristics of good topsoil that will help you find the best soil for your project.

The first step when selecting top soil in Monterey, CA for your outdoor project is giving it a close examination. Smell the soil to see if you can detect a sweet odor. Sweet-smelling soil is just one of the characteristics of quality topsoil. Take some steps around in your prospective top soil. It shouldn’t stick to your shoes in chunks, but rather feel as if you are walking around in  damp sand. There should not be any stones or weeds within the soil.

Running the soil through your fingers will help you to determine if it has the right consistency. Try rolling the dirt into a ball. If it sticks together, the soil may have too much clay, which may be detrimental to your project. You want top soil that will crumble apart when you play with it in your fingers. You don’t, however, want a soil that has too much sand. In this case, it will feel too grainy when a little water is added.

As a general rule, top soil that is dark in color is preferred, as it usually has a higher percentage of organic matter and nutrients.  Soil that is light brown or gray in color is mostly lacking in nutrients, and should be avoided.

It is important to check the soil closely because, in most cases, you won’t be able to return it once it has been delivered. When buying soil in bulk, be sure to do an inspection before the truck leaves. Before you pay for your soil, make absolute sure it is the right quality of soil that you have ordered.

If you still don’t feel confident in your choice of top soil, ask a professional.  When buying a large amount of top soil for a large project, asking a professional is a great idea. This will ensure that you get the quality that you want. A professional will be able to determine the nutrient content of the soil, as well as the pH.
By looking for a few key details and characteristics in your top soil, you will be able to maximize the quality of your outdoor project.