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Benefits of Home Veterinary Care

By: Teresaal Dridge
Category : Animals
July 24, 2019

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Many people may be unaware that it's still possible in these modern times to get a house call from your veterinarian. It's true. There are vets out there who will come to your home in order to care for your pet in the environment that is most comfortable and familiar. The benefits of home veterinary care are numerous. If you're looking for integrative pet care Naperville IL, this is a type of service you may wish to learn more about. Read on to discover why home veterinary care may be right for you and your pets.


At-home care for your pet is simply more convenient than attempting to transport a scared, agitated animal who may be in pain. Having a veterinarian come to your home eases the worry of moving an injured pet or causing unnecessary discomfort in order to transport them. It's nice to eliminate the stress of the pet carrier.

Comprehensive Care

When the vet comes to your home, your pet receives individualized care without interruption. The veterinarian won't be rushed to see the next patient, and your pet will likely be more relaxed than they would be in a busy office setting. All of these things make for a better exam experience.

Easier for Multiple Pets

At-home veterinary care if great if you have more than one pet. You'll be able to have each of your animals examined without having to load them up in pet carriers and into the car. There will be no wrangling or trying to herd them all into a busy vet's office.

Compassionate Care

Having your pets seen at home can simply be more compassionate. This is especially true for older or incredibly ill animals. Hospice care or euthanasia in a setting that is comfortable and familiar truly matters.

Keep these things in mind when considering innovative and integrative pet care Naperville IL. For more information on integrative pet care, contact Faithful Friends Home Vet today!