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Assisted Living A Basic Guide

By: Alex
Category : Health and Medical
April 6, 2012

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What is assisted living? What services does it cover? In what situations might a person need these services? Often people when come into the territory of home care for the first time they have plenty of questions and doubts. This article tries to answer some frequently asked questions about this aspect of home care.

What does assisted living mean

It means helping people with everyday tasks. This could range from basics such as help with putting on a dress, or cooking the food when the person is unable to. It could also include taking the person out on short walks to the local park or for their appointment with the doctor. It could also mean running small errands for the person being cared for.

Who could need these services

Such services are ideal for people who need a constant companion and who have lost the use of their body functions for different reasons. The causes could be as varied as age, debilitating conditions such as chronic diabetes, stroke, paralysis, or major fractures. This is usually a long-term condition and the person would have lost the ability to live independently. At the same time the person could want to live in home surroundings. A person who provides assisted living services can help such a person live a life of dignity.

Is it covered by Mediclaim or a standard insurance policy

Services for assisted living are not covered under standard insurance policies. However, there are insurance policies designed for people who want coverage. If you have a long-term insurance plan for assisted living, you will get covered financially.  In case you have a long-term chronic condition that is progressive it could be a good idea to buy such an insurance policy. This will help to cover the costs of the services when you need them.

What is the background of people who provide such services?

People who offer such services can come from any background. Since these are mostly non-medical services for everyday living, anyone can become a part of an in-home care agency, provided they pass certain rigorous tests. The tests would include screenings for diabetes and tuberculosis, as well as for past crime history. Only when a person has passed through all these tests would they be accepted in a good assisted living facility. If the person does not have a relevant background in care giving, they are trained in-house in a responsible agency.

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Assisted Living: A Basic Guide

Assisted Living: A Basic Guide