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Areas Where You Can Add Privacy Screens in Your Commercial Space

By: Phineas Gray
Category : Home Improvement
November 27, 2012

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Privacy screens, also often called privacy walls can be a great addition to any commercial or office space. These walls are typically constructed from a thick frame and feature either see through or opaque glass. These privacy screens are designed, as the name suggests, to help add a sense of privacy within a space. These are often great options for commercial spaces for a number of reasons; primarily because they allow you to create new areas within a large and open commercial property without paying expensive fees to have new rooms constructed from scratch. Here are a number of the top ways that commercial property owners are using privacy screens in their spaces.

Between Rooms

If you already have a room, such as an office or conference room created and you are looking to add more light to that space or to keep it more open, then privacy screens can be a great option. Many are choosing to have these screens placed along an entire wall of an office area to create a more open feeling space.

In Waiting Areas

If you are looking to establish a ‘waiting area’ within your commercial property but are not sure how because of the open design of your space, a privacy screen is a great option. By putting up a half wall or full wall privacy screen or partition you can signal to guests which area when they walk in is the ‘waiting area’ and create a more enclosed and comforting space without having to build an entire room. This is also a great way to make sure that the waiting area isn’t too confined and that it flows nicely with the rest of the building.

To Divide Work Spaces

There are many offices who decide to operate on the idea of an ‘open area’ work space environment. However, even if your idea is to place a bunch of desks in a single room or space to create a more collaborative environment, many times a bit of privacy is needed in order to help people focus on their work. Privacy screens are great for this, as they allow for bit of privacy, while still being open enough so workers can speak to each other around the screens.

To Create Uniformity in Your Building

There are many commercial property owners who not only use privacy screens for actual privacy but to create some type of design within their office. There are many commercial spaces that are simply large open rooms. Privacy screens can not only create cubicle like work spaces but they can be used to create things like walkways as well. They are just like having a more affordable type of wall in your space that you can put wherever you see fit.

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