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A Few Pros and a Couple of Cons of Choosing Marijuana Concentrates

By: Teresaal Dridge
Category : Health and Medical
November 1, 2019

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You can find high-quality marijuana concentrates at most Massachusetts marijuana dispensary locations. Concentrates are extracts with high levels of THC, and they have a few advantages over marijuana flowers. They also have some disadvantages as well.

Less To Consume

Most of the psychoactive chemicals found in flowers are contained in small mushroom-shaped trichomes scattered throughout the bud. Besides the terpenes and flavonoids, everything else is essentially extraneous plant material, which you are forced to consume along with THC when you intake marijuana. On the other hand, when you consume concentrates, you're getting anywhere between 70 to 99% pure THC, depending on the concentrate, meaning there is less extra material to take in.

Less to Manage

Marijuana flowers can take up a lot of space compared to concentrates, up to ten times more depending on the flower and the concentrate. Additionally, flowers break apart often, especially when they're dry, making everything a little less tidy than when using concentrates.

More Expensive

Unless you're dealing with a rare or super high-quality flower, cannabis concentrates are 99% of the time more expensive than buds. One gram of potent flowers can run you as much as $40 in some places. Whereas cannabis concentrate prices can reach 120 bucks a gram. Keep in mind that these higher-priced concentrates have extremely elevated levels of THC, while flowers, although potent, have far lower levels of the psychoactive substance. In general, cannabis flowers have concentrations of THC that range between 7 and 30%.

More Potential Loss

Concentrates tend to be sticky. Many of them, especially the oils, can end up forever stuck to the bottom of a bottle or vial. That being said, a good number of the marijuana concentrates available at Massachusetts marijuana dispensary locations, such as crumble and shatter, will not stick and allow for 100% consumption.

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