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5 Excuses Riders Give for Not Wearing Helmets

By: Teresaal Dridge
Category : Motorcycles
September 27, 2018

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Many states don’t require riders over the age of 18 to wear a helmet, and in a couple of states, they don’t require riders of any age to wear a helmet. Perhaps the lack of legislation requiring motorcycle helmets be worn by riders at all times gives people a false sense that helmets aren’t really necessary, but all of us over here at Asbury Park Moto Club want to remind you that helmets save lives. Here are the five most common reasons people give for not wearing a helmet, and also here, are the reasons why those people are wrong.

I’ve Been Riding a Long Time, And I’ve Never Worn a Helmet.

In the real world, we call that false correlation. It may be true that you have been riding for a long time without a helmet, and it may also be true that you are perfectly fine. However, that is simply luck, and luck has a terrible habit of running out.

I’d Be Careless If I Wore a Motorcycle Helmet. I’m More Careful Without One.

Well, statistically speaking, no you wouldn’t, and no you aren’t. Drivers that are careful to make sure they are dressed safely in helmets, gloves, etc. tend to also handle their bikes more safely. Those that are reckless in their riding attire are, you guessed it, more reckless in their riding habits as well.

I Have More Peripheral Vision Without A Helmet On.

Nope. If you are wearing a DOT-approved motorcycle helmet, your helmet must be able to provide 210 degrees of peripheral vision. The average human eye has only 180 degrees of peripheral vision, so that means your helmet won’t block your periphery even if you have Superman levels of optics.

It’s Too Hard to Hear When I’m Wearing a Helmet.

A weak excuse because the helmet blocks a lot of the whistling wind noise. If anything, it should be easier to hear while wearing a helmet.

I Go Too Fast for a Helmet.

This excuse comes down to a misunderstanding. The DOT tests helmets by dropping them from 6 feet in the air, causing a 13-mph impact when the helmet hits the ground. Riders often assume that means the helmet only works if you are riding at 13 mph, but that isn’t the case. The test is a measure of your head hitting the ground when falling off your bike, which will put you roughly six feet from the ground. It has nothing to do with how fast the bike is traveling. Always wear a helmet. It’s that simple.