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4 Reasons Memory Care Might Be Right for Your Loved One

By: Teresaal Dridge
Category : Elderly Care
September 27, 2018

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Having a loved one suffering from the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s or dementia can be difficult to handle, and although there are a lot of assisted living facilities out there, it is hard to know who will offer the best care for your loved one. Seniors with memory impairment have different needs than those who do not, and that is why a memory care center like The Regency is often the best place for them to be.

Memory Care Is More Comprehensive than Assisted Living

The Regency Memory Care Club has a professional staff that has received specialized training in dementia from the Alzheimer’s Association. They are caring and warm with a sense of compassion and a whole lot of flexibility. Members participate in activities specifically designed to stimulate the memory, like games of “Name that tune.” Assisted living facilities are not always equipped to handle patients struggling with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

The Facility Is Built to Serve Those with Dementia

While our center has a warm and home-like environment, it is also very secure. It can accommodate the possibility of “wandering” members. The decor was specially chosen to spark positive memories from bygone eras. We work hard to help members adjust to their lifestyle change and memory loss by offering a secure environment where they can build and maintain much-needed relationships.

Luxury Resort Type Amenities

Our members get all the bells and whistles in the dining room. Meal times are a chance to socialize and be served a gourmet meal. The nutritionists design a diet that gives the needed calories to keep our members active. The “brain healthy” meals are as delicious as they are nutritional, and many diet styles can be accommodated: vegetarian, kosher, and diabetic! Members can also receive beauty services on sites like haircuts, colors, and shaves. Our members ride in style with free door-to-door transportation in luxury vehicles.

Help for the Caregiver

The primary caregiver of an Alzheimer’s patient can be taxing, and sometimes, he or she may just need a small break to run an errand or even just catch up on some sleep. The Regency Memory Care Club offers hourly services for those days you just need a little time. We also offer support groups to help our members’ families. There are scheduled monthly outings to build the much-needed connections with others that understand the new family dynamic and the struggles of caring for a memory-impaired family member.