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Why Spray Foam Insulation Service Vermont?

By: Timothy Harvard
Category : Business
January 22, 2013

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Vermont, nicknamed ‘The Green Mountain State’, has the seventh coldest winters in the U.S. You should install insulation in your house as this keeps you warm during those cold winter months. There are several types of insulations that are popularly used today, some of the most commonly used being spray foam polyurethane and cellulose (blown-in insulation).

Spray foam insulations are made of 2-component mixtures (resin and Isocyanate). When the two mix at the tip of the applying gun, they form a form and this is sprayed into wall cavities. The insulation can also be used for roof tiles and concrete slabs. Polyurethane is the most common spray foam insulation type. It has a rich history, having been developed for military application (in aircrafts) in the 40s. The insulation can be classified into closed cell foam insulation and open cell foam insulation. There are several reasons why you should go for a spray foam insulation service Vermont.

Go for a company with spray foam polyurethane because you get greater insulation than you get with traditional insulators (50% better). One of the greatest advantages of spray foam insulation is that you get to save money on electricity. According to U.S. Department of Energy studies, you save up to 40% of your home’s energy cost with this type of installation. This is great if you are concerned about protecting the environment and in today’s world of high energy costs.

Another advantage of going for a spray foam insulation service is that you will strengthen the building structure. This is important because it adds to your security. The insulation increases the resale value of your home tremendously. The insulation will keep out pollen and dust, making this a good option if there is a family member who is allergic to these allergens. A spray foam insulation service will ensure there is reduced capacity requirement and reduced wear of your HVAC equipment.

The insulation protects your walls against moisture. This is important because it prevents the growth and thriving of mildew and mold. Elimination of mold growth is particularly important because there are many allergic reactions that are associated with mold spores. Mold also contributes to the rotting of wood.

Another of the great advantages of a spray foam insulation service is that the insulation is great at reducing noise. The insulation reduces the transfer of airborne sound through floor, walls, and the roof. Your home could quality for federal and state tax deductions if you have treated it with spray foam insulation.

The most commonly used material that a spray foam insulation service Vermont uses, polyurethane, has high thermal resistance. Being a closed-cell foam insulator, the material’s cells have low-conductivity gas. This leads to high thermal resistance with an R-value of around R-5 to R-6 per inch (compared to R-2 to R-4 for fiberglass).

There are several types of insulation services, but you should stick to a spray foam insulation service because spray foam polyurethane is superior to other insulations in many ways. Visit Pro Foam in Vermont for more information.