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Tree Fertilization in Huntersville NC: The Basics

By: Timothy Harvard
Category : Home and Garden
February 4, 2013

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Trees – young and old – can benefit from deep-root fertilization. Besides simple growth, fertilization can help trees maintain resistance to disease and insects, while improving their flowering capacity. To attain this, trees require balanced nutrition, including primary nutrients that are essential for fertilizing trees. These macronutrients include potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur and magnesium. With proper fertilization, trees can maintain their brilliant color and stay strong and disease-free. Learn more about tree fertilization and its many benefits

Tree Stressors

There are a number of things that can stress and potentially damage otherwise healthy trees. One of the most common is tree roots that become infected with root decaying fungi. Soil can become compacted over time, such as when vehicles are parked over the root zone. Another common tree stressor is incorrect soil pH that can prevent certain nutrients from becoming absorbed into the tree’s roots. Finding a company that specializes in tree fertilization in Huntersville NC can ensure that your trees stay healthy. Professional arborists have the skill and knowledge needed to help stressed trees become healthy through proper fertilization.

Essential Nutrients

Arborists understand the importance of nutrition balance when it comes to the health of trees. Trees require nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and iron to thrive. Nitrogen promotes fast growth and gives the tree structure and bulk. It also helps the leaves of the tree transform to a healthy, green shade. Potassium adds strength to the tree and protects it from harsh elements, such as ice and wind. It also helps it stay disease-free. Phosphorus is vital for the tree’s roots, maximizing their water absorption efforts and increasing its resistance to cold temperature. Iron is needed to keep the tree healthy as a whole, boosting the other nutrients efforts.

Additional Elements for Fertilization & Growth

In addition to the macronutrients mentioned above, micronutrients such as iron, zinc, manganese, copper, silicon, boron and molybdenum are needed in small quantities for tree growth. Other important components to tree fertilization and growth include, bud initiators, root stabilizer and rooting hormones. Your local full service arbor care company can enhance your knowledge of these important nutrients and minerals that contribute the health and growth of trees.

Looking for Signs

How do you know if your tree is in need of fertilization? There are a number of ways to tell the difference between stressed and healthy trees. Begin by determining the growth of the tree. Trees that grow slowly despite adequate watering may require fertilization. Other signs include leaves that have a yellowish hue instead of a healthy green one, especially during midsummer. Trees may also be stressed if the leaves gradually become smaller throughout the years. If you are recognizing the signs that your tree is stressed, it’s time for fertilization. Contact a company that offers tree fertilization in Huntersville NC to learn how they can help make your trees healthy once again.

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