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Red Buck: A Different Kind of Cigar

By: Phineas Gray
Category : Shopping
July 2, 2012

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Cigars are more different from cigarettes than many people might appreciate at first blush. Cigarettes are smaller, wrapped in paper, and often filtered. There are also cigars with filters that are the same size as cigarettes. Filtered cigars are cheaper than traditional hand rolled cigars, and they are smaller and more easily carried. They still have the tobacco leaf wrapping of a cigar, however, as compared to the paper of a cigarette. 

Filtered cigars come in a variety of different flavors, as well. Red Buck cigars, for example, come in Vanilla, Peach, Menthol, Light, Grape, Cherry, Strawberry, and Full Flavor. This variety offers consumers the option of getting exactly what they want—they can have the pure taste of the tobacco or a sweeter flavor like one of the fruit flavors. Some people find the flavored and filtered cigars less harsh to smoke and more relaxing and pleasant; others prefer to have the advantages of a filter, but still the stronger taste that is characteristic of a cigar.

Variety, as they say, is the spice of life, and brands like Red Buck cigars offer a great amount of variety to consumers. Some of this variety is inherent in the products they offer: Filtered cigars do fill a niche in the market that traditional larger cigars don’t and cigarettes don’t. By offering flavored tobacco, they offer even more options.  Red Buck Cigars do have a drawback, however: If you find a Red Buck cigar flavor that you love, you may, unfortunately, have a hard time finding it consistently where you typically purchase tobacco products. This is the problem with variety: It gives you more options, but unless your choice is the most popular, you might have more difficulty finding it in stock.

Finding your favorite flavor of Red Buck Cigars can be difficult in stores but the Internet offers options to buy your favorite in enough supply to make sure you don’t run out anytime soon. The other advantage of shopping online is that, generally, you can save money, and depending on which site you buy from, you can often get great bulk at a great discount. If your local store doesn’t carry your favorite flavor of Red Buck Cigars, or if you’re tired of paying too much, try shopping online.

Cigar smokers are varied in their tastes, so a seller of Red Buck cigars should provide a wealth of other products, as well. Road Runner Cigars aims to be your one-stop shop for all sorts of tobacco products, selling filtered cigars, little cigars, cigars made by machines and a variety of other items. Visit or email us at for more information.

Red Buck cigars

Red Buck cigars

Red Buck cigars

Red Buck cigars