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By: Timothy Harvard
Category : Interior Decorating
April 10, 2012

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No house is complete without the perfect window dressing. And for the utmost in a crisp, modern look perfect for stylish interiors, looks no further than grommet curtains.

For grommet curtains made by companies with experience that can customize the order to your exact specifications, grommets are generally hand-pressed into the fabric of your choice, and you can likely choose from a variety of finished. When using grommet curtains, due to the style of heading construction, it’s not recommended for areas that require drapery to open and close often. And when you specify custom widths, lengths and lining options, you are ensuring a perfect fit.

Besides providing an ideal finishing touch to a room, curtains also work well to help insulate. If you use curtains, you could possible see a reduction in your heating and cooling bills, since curtains work well to keep the hot, sticky summer air outside where it belongs, and retain the cozy heat inside during the winter while ensuring the blustery winds are fought off. And by lowering your energy bills, there’s the added benefit of helping to protect the environment.

You’ll be surprised at what a difference a fine curtain can make in a room. You’ll have tongues wagging that you’ve hired a decorator, you’ll be making a statement that you care about the planet, and you’ll show that you have taste and style and pay attention to detail. When was the last time something as seemingly insignificant as your windows said so much about you?