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Advice on Keeping Your Transmission in Garland TX in Superior Condition

By: Alex
Category : Automobiles
January 8, 2013

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There can be a number of factors that affect the frequency with which you have your transmission serviced. For example, different kinds of automobiles have varying service requirements set forth by the manufacturer. One area that’s frequently overlooked is fluid and filter maintenance. Driving conditions can also be a consideration. It's important to check your fluid regularly for signs of degradation. Regular inspections can also help determine if there are leaks. When seeking service for your transmission in Garland TX, it's usually recommended to visit a professional repair shop.

Signs of Wear and Tear
An automobile transmission can get very hot. If it becomes low in fluid, there can be a breakdown in lubrication properties. This means that internal transmission components can wear out faster. A certified repair specialist can inspect your system for linkage problems, poor fluid circulation, clogged filters and other potential issues. A warning signal that your transmission requires attention is a burnt smell. This could mean that the fluid needs changing. Rough shifting and poor performance under duress are other indicators.

Filter Replacement
If you are planning to have your transmission in Garland TX flushed, replacing the filter is important. Although most vehicles have internal transmission filters, some have external units that are similar to oil filters. The mechanic will remove the transmission pan and replace the gasket and filter. Gaskets often develop leaks; therefore it's always a good idea to have new gaskets installed anytime filters are exchanged. The transmission shop will also carefully inspect for loose nuts and bolts on the pan.

When to Get Service
Generally, there is no harm in having your transmission fluid replaced more frequently than the manufacturer suggested mileage. Although this may seem like an additional cost, changing it before the fluid gets contaminated can help extend transmission life. However, if flushing service is performed at a regular interval it's not always necessary to install a new filter each time. The mechanic can visually inspect the filter to determine whether it needs replacing.

Manual Transmission Fluid
Manual transmissions are different from automatics and therefore have different service requirements. The majority use either a gear or motor oil for lubrication. Typically, a manual transmission doesn't get anywhere near as hot as an automatic. However, contamination from moving parts can be a concern. Vehicles with manual transmissions that get heavy usage might need service more frequently. There are other components such as the clutch that require inspection and periodic replacement.

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